3 Ways To Stay Productive When You Are Exhausted

Staying productive even when exhausted is a challenge, and for most people, it is often a recurring challenge. Tiredness or exhaustion happens to even the best of us, whether you are a businessman, travelling sales agent, student, or athlete. Most of the time, for whatever reason, we still have to work despite being exhausted. However, exhaustion can kill your productivity, but it does not have to.

Whatever the reason for your exhaustion is, you can always deal with it later on. For now, your priority is keeping your day on track and being as productive as you can be even when your eyes may just be shutting down. There are certain things that you can do to help you increase your energy levels, focus and get back to work even when you are exhausted. While there are many ways to do this, we will be talking about just 3:

  1. List Out Everything You Need To Do

To begin, start by making a list of all the tasks that you need to compete by the end of the day, and prioritize the most important so you know which are more important and which are least important. This will help you to prioritize the difficult and urgent tasks from the easy ones and get those done first so you can leave the easy tasks for later. 

3 Ways To Stay Productive When You Are Exhausted

In other cases, you could also start from the easy tasks, as completing them sort of gives you a boost of self-esteem that will keep you working.

  1. Take Short Breaks

While you work, you need to take a time out. A 5-minute break after every 50 minutes is a great way to keep you energetic when next you resume working. Even a 30-second break can make you 13% more productive so make sure you are taking short breaks since they help you to remain productive. This makes taking short breaks a convenient way to help pass the time.

Here are some things that you can do to make these short breaks more effective:

  • Don’t waste too much time on your breaks, make sure they are short
  • Change the context, walk away from the desk, do something different to get your mind off work during the time.
  • During your break, do something positive like having a quick chat with a colleague. 
  1. Focus

When you are tired your ability to concentrate is limited. To remain productive, you need to be able to focus. This is the same as learning to avoid distractions. It is impossible to stay focused when you have a constant stream of notifications coming in, and this makes it impossible to stay productive when you are constantly being interrupted from work. 

The challenge is not just that you are distracted or that you get interrupted, the bit that you would need some tim to recover and get your mind back on the task you task you left. This means that you will be wasting energy, and since you are tired already, you do not have enough energy to waste.

Take away all your distractions: put your phone away while you work, close or block all the applications that might distract you, deactivate emails or other work-related notifications. Once you have cleared your space, you can now focus and get your tasks done.

Finally, Get A Routine Sleep Schedule

3 Ways To Stay Productive When You Are Exhausted

Lastly, do not forget that your body still needs to sleep, and not just sleep, but REM which is Rapid Eye Movement. This is the 5th stage of sleep where Rapid Eye Movement ensues and dreams begin. At this point of seep, the body heals itself and rejuvenates. The REM cycle is about 1 hour 30 minutes. Creating a routine sleep schedule is important because when your body gets accustomed to going to sleep at a certain time and waking up at a certain time, it knows when to start the REM cycle, and when to end it so you do not end up feeling drowsy throughout the day. 


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