LED Light Up Trays by Pacific CBD Co are plastic trays equipped with built-in LED lights that can be used while you are in a dark place or attending a party in a dark room. It is a perfect smoking accessory for CBD enthusiasts. All of us like visual effects, especially when we are in dark. These LED trays has several features, one of them being the LED lights. CBD vapers can make their vaping experience more attractive and joyful with this multicolored LED lights on the tray. Vapers have the option to select their favorite color they want the tray to light up with. You can keep Pacific CBD Trays glowing throughout by charging them using the USB charging cable provided.

LED Light Up Tray by Pacific CBD Co comes with an integrated grinder on the left side of the Tray. It has multiple lighting colors that you can change according to your preference. LED Light Up Trays are perfect for all type of settings, doesn’t matter whether it is day or night. When you roll out this tray, whoever accompanies you will get excited. No matter whether you are using it for rolling CBD or cigarettes, this tray will help you to see perfectly while you are in the dark. You can activate the tray with a simple push on the power button that is placed on the outer rim.

LED Light Up Trays by Pacific CBD Co can enhance your nightlife by providing a colorful glow. These trays come with a rechargeable battery, USB fast charging cable and a soft carrying bag. You can manually change the LED colors anytime according to the setting and your preference. This device offers a comparatively long battery life. Color changing buttons are provided on the top right of the tray. A battery life LED indicator is provided next to the power button. The trays are equipped with premium quality multi-color long-lasting led lights. You can recharge the device through the reinforced USB-C port.

LED Light Up Tray by Pacific CBD Co is available in seven different colors to choose from, including Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow. Order a LED Light Up Tray by Pacific CBD Co for the next night event you are planning. Serve your favorite CBD using this lightweight and easy to carry trays to make your night party a fantastic one. LED Light Up Tray is perfect for occasions such as Halloween, birthday, Christmas, New Year, or any other special occasion. Pacific CBD Co is a part of Vaportech USA – a renowned manufacture of vaping products like vaporizers, disposable pods, premium-quality vape juices in the US. You can buy LED Light Up Tray directly from Pacific CBD Co for just $29.99.


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