Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100 Review

Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice is designed for vapers who love their fruit flavors with a nice hint of menthol at the end. Whether you are completely new to vaping or you are looking to spice up your vaping adventures, Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice gives you the ideal platform to kick off. You can always trust Keep It 100 to keep it 100 with their ejuice flavors. 

Flavor Profile

If you have tasted Keep it 100’s Cool Blue Raspberry Slushie, you have already gotten a taste of this Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice. However, they add some extra ingredients that make this ejuice stand out.

The ejuice features the sour raspberry flavor mixed with juicy strawberries and blended into a mixture of cool menthol. In the end, what you have is a vape juice that does not disappoint. On the inhale, your tongue is drenched in the sour raspberry flavor. The strawberries then make their way across your tongue, adding that extra zing to the flavor. On the exhale, the icy cold menthol flavor takes the stage and sweeps you off your feet.

Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100 Review

The individual flavors are well balanced with just the right amount of menthol to still give it a cool refreshing feel. One drag is all you need and this Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100 might just be your number one ejuice.

Base Ratio

The base in ejuice or eliquid is basically two ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). These two ingredients are responsible for what happens to all the other ingredients used in the vape juice mixture, including nicotine. In Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100, the base ratio used is the popular 70/30 VG/PG ratio. It is popular because a good number of vape juices have this same ratio, and it is a great place for newbie vapers to get started with since it offers a pleasurable taste of both the VG and PG world. 

VG itself is a viscous liquid. When used at 70 percent in ejuice, the ejuice also tends to be viscous. This means you will be able to use Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100 with your sub-ohm tank, RDA or regular pod device. It also means that you should expect thick vapor production on every exhale.

PG is not viscous but it carries the flavor and facilitates smoother throat hits. This means that, at 30 percent, you will be basking in the rich flavor of Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100 and still get to enjoy smooth throat hits.

Nicotine Strength

You can get Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100 in a number of nicotine strengths, rather than just one. If you prefer to vape no nicotine at all, a 0mg bottle will be your ideal choice. If you like a milder nicotine hit, something not too strong and not too light, you should go with a 3mg bottle. Keep It 100 also manufactures a 6mg bottle for vapers who want much more nicotine, and thanks to the high-quality PG used in the ejuice mixture, you will still be getting smooth and flowing throat hits even when taking nicotine at 6mg.

Packaging and Price

Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100 comes in a 100ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle.On Ejuice.Deals, you can get a 100ml bottle of this flavorful menthol ejuice for just $11.99 against the actual $27.99 price, allowing you save up some cash for even another one.


If you are just getting your hands into vaping, Blue Slushie Iced Ejuice by Keep It 100 is a great place to start. You get an array of nicotine options that you can select from so you can always enjoy the rich flavor profile just how you want it. 


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