Hop Scotch E-Liquid by Humble Juice Review

There are moments when you just feel like indulging in something sweet. You start thinking of a delicious dessert – something that will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are a vaper, a nice dessert e-liquid will do the trick. Humble Juice’s Hop Scotch is an e-liquid that can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings..

Hop Scotch is a blend of toffee, vanilla, and butterscotch custard flavor. This e-juice is bursting with flavor. This is a very delicious vape that you can indulge to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can get this e-liquid as part of the Humble BOGO deal. This is a fantastic opportunity to make some tremendous savings on this premium e-liquid. With the BOGO deal, instead of paying $49.98 for two 120ml bottles of Hop Scotch, you only pay $24.99. Also, shipping is free of charge. This is an opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else. So, don’t hesitate to order a bottle of this e-liquid.

Hop Scotch e-liquid is a true delight for the taste bud. The most prominent flavor in this e-juice is the butterscotch custard. In the background, you get hints of toffee and caramel, but not so much of the vanilla. This is a very tasty e-liquid. The butterscotch custard taste is spot-on. If you like butterscotch, you’re going to love this e-juice. It is very sweet. It reminds me a bit of those little round butterscotch candies.

If you are vaping at 65 watts or higher, you get a warm butterscotch taste. However, you’ll quickly notice that this e-juice is a coil killer. It quickly changes the color of your cotton to deep amber color. Hop Scotch has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol ratio of 80/20. The e-liquid is quite thick, and it is suitable for vaping with a tank or dripper. Although this is a MAX VG e-liquid, its vapor production is not very impressive. The cloud of vapor is not huge, and it dissipates quickly. It is certainly not the type of e-juice you would use for chasing clouds. On the contrary, it is special because of its taste.

The e-juice comes pre-steeped from the factory for at least two weeks. I did not find any need to steep it further. However, do not hesitate to steep it again to improve the flavor.

Hop Scotch by Humble Juice is made with different nicotine strength levels. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. There is no harshness to this e-liquid. It will not cause any itching or irritation at the back of your throat.

Do not forget about the Humble BOGO Offer. You can get two Hop Scotch e-liquids for the price of one. This e-liquid comes in a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. The Humble logo is printed on the bottle along with other basic information about the product.

Hop Scotch is the kind of e-liquid that you will want to enjoy after dinner or when you feel like savoring something sweet. You can vape it all day long without getting tired of how it tastes.

Humble Juice is a well-known e-liquid maker. The company has many popular vape juice line on the market including the Humble Juice Line, the Humble Ice Juice Line, the Humble X Flawless Line, the Hustle Juice Line, the Havana Juice Line, and the Havoc Juice Line. Humble Juice also collaborated with Solace Salts to create the SVLT Vapor series.

Hop Scotch is one of ten e-juice flavors in the Humble Juice series. Apart from this e-liquid, some of the others are Donkey Khan, Smash Mouth, Pee Wee Kiwi, Humble Crumble, Unicorn Treats, Vape the Rainbow, Sweater Puppets, Berry Blow Doe, and American Dream.


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