Are you interested in making e cig liquid at home? If so, chances are that you are wondering how you should go about this process. One important thing that you might be looking for is a guide or a step by step process that will make sure you find the e liquid making process stress-free. There are also a number of questions that you may have in mind, including what are the best flavors to use? Which online stores should you rely on? How should you mix the flavors? Which items should you buy to make your e liquid?

With plenty of websites providing varying information about how to make your e cig liquid at home, it is easy to get confused on where to turn to. To ensure that you find the process easy, let’s consider the ABC’s of making your vape juice.

First things first, you should find a reliable website that will provide you with ideal flavors that interest you. One of such recommended online stores is Thousands of companies rely on Flavorah for their e liquid flavoring demands. Flavorah stands out from other brands in the sense that their aromas for e juices are unique for capturing true flavors at high potency. Another interesting aspect of this brand is that it provides you with plenty of options with regards to flavoring. There are different types of flavors that you can turn to. This means that you will rarely get bored of the e cig liquids that you will be making at home.

Once you have settled for the right online store (flavoring provider), the next thing is to purchase the vape juice flavor concentrates you are interested in. Again, this is a simple process as you only need to browse through what Flavorah offers. Besides offering you with a variety of flavors, their products steep faster, vape with dazzling flavor vapor flavor profiles and that they mix well together. The overall benefit gained here is that you will end up creating the best e liquid that you have ever vaped.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that you need some storage bottles. Sure, you have the freedom of choosing any bottle type here. Nevertheless, plastic bottles are highly recommended. This is because they can easily be cleaned and reused. More importantly, they can also be used as squeeze bottles. While adding storage bottles and e juice bottles to your shopping cart, you should remember to pick some sticky labels. These labels will help you in identifying the different flavors since you will want to make two or more distinct e juices.

Depending on the mixing method that you will use, you can either settle for syringes or a scale. A scale is best used when you are mixing by weight. In this case, you should consider buying an electronic scale. Syringes, on the other hand are best used when mixing by volume. The good thing about syringes is that they also ensure that you mix the flavors according to the recommended volumes.

What are some of the ingredients that you should avoid? Good question! Despite the fact that you have the freedom to customize your e liquid as you wish, there are several ingredients to avoid. For instance, it’s very important that you stay away from flavoring that are not specifically meant for e juice DIY. This means that turning to will help you avoid making this mistake. You should also avoid essential oils. For health purposes, also ensure that you avoid high-strength nicotine.

Clearly, making your e cig liquid at home is pretty straightforward. Perhaps one of the most important steps to take is to find the right flavoring online store that will provide you with everything you need to make your vape juice. Don’t waste time, simply turn to Flavorah.


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