red apple in juice splash isolated on a white background.

Are you looking for a delicious vape juice for summer vaping? If then, Red’s Peach Apple by 7 Daze is a perfect choice. Nothing beats a peach and crisp apple juice combination on a summer day. Now you can experience the same taste of real peach and apple juice from e-liquid. Reds Peach Sub Ohm 60mL is a well-balanced combination of peach and apple flavors to satisfy your fruit carving. Both the flavors are perfectly balanced and it is not overpowering each other.

Red’s Peach Apple by 7 Daze is a remarkable mixture of fresh fruits which makes your mouth watery after each draw.  The tangy taste of apple with mild notes of peach flavor will tickle your tongue and take your sweet tooth for an amazing ride on inhale. As you exhale, the flavor of peaches hits your palate. 7 Daze is a popular manufacturer of premium-quality vape juices and they know the mind of vapers well. This helps them to create amazing vape juices that are widely acclaimed among the vapers. They make their vape juices under strict supervision to make sure the product they deliver to the customers is of high quality. High-quality vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, pharmaceutical grade nicotine, and USP food-grade flavoring are the ingredients they use.

Red’s Peach Apple by 7 Daze contains a cloud chasing ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. It has 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG. This vape juice is thick in consistency because of high VG level. This level of VG is perfect for huge cloud production. Even though, the vape juice is thick it will not strain your coil and make you change the coil frequently.  Red’s Peach Apple is compatible with all most all vaping devices on the market, so it is not required to buy special hardware for vaping this. Vape using a sub-ohm tank will provide a better vaping experience.

Red’s Peach Apple by 7 Daze is available in diverse nicotine concentrations to satisfy all types of vapers. You can choose from either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine e-liquid according to your preference. Those who are reluctant to nicotine can go for 0mg vape juice and enjoy the amazing flavor. You can expect a smooth throat hit; mean you don’t have to be worried about throat issues after vaping. Red’s Peach Apple tastes authentic and you will not feel any artificial taste during vaping.

Red’s Peach Apple by 7 Daze comes in attractive packaging labeled with all safety information. It is available for purchase in 60ml unicorn bottles with dropper tips and childproof caps. You can buy a 60ml bottles of this delicious vape juice from Vapor Empire for just $10.88. Vapor Empire is a popular online store in the US for premium quality vaping products. In addition to vape juices, this company has a wide range of pods, mods, coils, and many other vaping accessories to choose from. Fast delivery services are offered in the US and its territories. Orders above $75 are shipped free.


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