Torch THCA Pressure Blend Disposable Review

The Torch THCA Pressure Blend is a compact disposable vape system explicitly designed for hemp. This vape device offers a blend of looks and functionality that will appeal to newbies and experienced vapers. The Torch THCA Pressure Blend is available with a range of THCA strains.

Although relatively new, the Torch brand has made a name for itself with its range of impressive products. Torch produces high-quality hemp products using some of the best materials and ingredients. More importantly, all Torch products, including the THCA Pressure Blend, undergo testing for potency and impurities before release.

Product Description

The Torch THCA Pressure Blend features a classic disposable vape design similar to others on the market. You can tell this disposable is made from sturdy materials just by how it feels. This Torch vape device features an ergonomic design that makes it pleasant to hold and carry around.

The Torch THCA Pressure Blend is designed to be easy to use and suits explicitly newbies. This THCA vape system has a single button and works via draw activation tech. The button is used to put the Torch THCA Pressure Blend device on and to change the pre-heating options.

The Torch THCA Pressure Blend disposable device is also designed with ceramic coil technology, one of the best in the business. Ceramic coil technology offers smooth vape sessions, ensuring the flavor and cloud production.

THCA Content

The Torch THCA Pressure Blend is an excellent disposable vape system ideal for hemp enthusiasts, specifically THCA. This cannabinoid is gaining popularity and is widely sought-after for its mild effects.

THCA is a cannabinoid described as the raw form of THC. THCA, when consumed in its unprocessed form, has no psychoactive effects. However, when heated, smoked, or vaped, THCA becomes psychoactive. However, its effects are mild compared to THC.

The Torch THCA Pressure Blend disposable vape device contains potent THCA live resin. This device offers about 3.5 grams (3500 mg) of THCA live resin. The use of live resin is becoming increasingly popular.

Hemp enthusiasts refer to live resin because it retains essential components of the hemp plant. Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate typically made by using fresh and frozen plants. THCA live resins still include trichomes, terpenes, and other cannabinoids usually lost via other curing methods.

Torch THCA Pressure Blend disposable features premium live resin THCA. You also get other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, HHCP, and others when you use the Torch disposable vape device.

The Torch THCA Pressure Blend disposable has a range of potent THCA strains. These THCA strains include Arctic Gas, Blueberry Jam, Glitter Bomb, Pineapple Powerhouse, Mango Orange Runtz, Pink Guava, Rainbow Truffle, Sour Lime OG, Zkittle Pop, and Zoreos.


Torch THCA Pressure Blend is widely available for sale. However, you get it for $29.99 at the Superstrain online store. Superstrain offers high-quality products, including Torch disposables, at affordable prices.


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